Dhoni has been an immensely successful captain

MS Dhoni revealed that there were no long team meetings in the CSK camp ahead of the IPL final. As per Dhoni, before reaching the final, the players had already played so many games alongside each other that everyone was perfectly aware of their roles and nobody was needed to be explained what they were supposed to do on the field.

CSK totally dominated the previous season of the Indian Premier League after making a comeback having served a 2-year suspension. Dhoni took over the captaincy once again and led the men in yellow superbly to guide them to their third title in 9 seasons.

Dhoni has been an immensely successful captain, not only in league T20 cricket, but also in international cricket and one of the habits he has is whenever he is presented a trophy after winning a tournament, he immediately hands it over to his teammates and disappear in the backdrop somewhere while a team picture is clicked.
When asked why he does so, Dhoni’s answer was very interesting. “Team Sport is unfair because a captain receives the trophy for the team’s achievement, so already there is overexposure for the captain. You don’t have to be there holding it.” Dhoni was quoted saying at Star Re-imagine awards in Mumbai.
IPL 11 was fruitful for Dhoni as a player as well. He has been a little lackluster in the past couple of seasons, but this season he reinvented himself and batted like Dhoni of old. One of the reasons behind that he batted up the order. He has always had this tendency of slotting himself lower the order and take up the finisher’s job to take the pressure off the other batters, but this time around, he decided to give himself a slightly extra bit of time by batting at no. 5 rather than no. 6 or 7 and the results were extraordinary.