Sachin Tendulkar Bio

The full name of Tendulkar is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He was born on 24th of April in the year 1973. This particular player is regarded as the best batsmen in the world of cricket. He was in the city of Bombay presently known as Mumbai. His mother’s name was Rajni who used to work in the insurance industry. Ramesh was his father’s and he was Marathi novelist by profession. The name of Sachin’s elder brother is Ajit who used to inspire and encourage him to play the particular sport of cricket. He has other two siblings: a sister named Savita and brother Nitin.

Sachin went to Sharadashram Vidyamandir for getting the secondary education. Under the guidance of Ramakant Achrekar, the cricketing career of this great player started. Ramakant was his first and also mentor. At a very young age he attended the MRF Pace Foundation for getting fast bowling training. At that time Dennis Lille was not at impressed with Sachin’s fast bowling abilities. He called this player and told him to focus on batting instead of batting. This particular player was very much dedicated towards the sport of cricket. His main ambition was to become a professional cricket and play the Indian Cricket. He would spend all the day practicing in the nets.

When he started to loose focus due to exhaustion, his coach Ramakant used to put a one rupee coin on the top the stumps and said whoever dismissed Sachin would get that particular coin. If anyone could not bowl him out then, Sachin used to get that particular one rupee coin. Tendulkar has got 13 such coins. He already became quite famous while playing for his state. The experts said that this cricketer would become one of the best one day.

His full dedication and discipline towards cricket helped him to become what he is today. When Sachin was 14 years old, he once became the ball boy in the during the world cup of 1987. At that the legendary cricketer Sunil Gavasker gift this young cricket his own ultra light pads. This encouraged him a lot. In the year 1995, on 24th of May, Tendulkar married Anjali who is pediatrician by profession. Anjali gave birth to Sara on 12th of October 1997 and Arjun on 24th of September 1999. Sachin is six years younger than Anjali.

Tendulkar has broken almost all the batting records in the history of cricket and has scored the highest number of runs in ODI and Test Crickets and is the owner of the highest number of centuries. He is the present captain of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League. He always dominates the bowlers whenever he comes to crease for batting. It is a challenge for every bowler to bowl out this great batsman.

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